The #EasterAtFreedom Need To Know

It’s almost time for #EasterAtFreedom!

Here are a few things to make sure you and your guests have a first-class experience.

Arrive early – You’ll need to have time to park, get your kids checked in to Freedom Kids and be escorted to a seat. I suggest arriving AT LEAST 15 minutes early. Seriously, one of the creative elements actually begins 2 minutes BEFORE the Worship Experience officially begins.

Acworth: Thursday at 7PM, Saturday Night at 5PM, Sunday AM at 8:15, 9:45, 11:15, 12:45PM
* If you attend at Acworth and have schedule flexibility on Sunday – could you attend at 8:15 or 12:45? It would GREATLY help us make sure that everyone has a seat and the best experience possible! Thanks in advance!

Kennesaw: Sunday at 9:45AM and 11:15AM

Got Kids? – our teams are ready to give them an amazing experience and opportunity to learn about Jesus on their level! Also, we will host a Blacklight Easter Egg Hunt at every hour and Whether your kids have ever been to church or not – they will LOVE their time in our exciting, safe, and secure environment designed specifically for them!

Bring People –Thousands of people are looking for a place to go this Easter. DO NOT SAY NO FOR ANYONE! Even if you’ve invited them before – do it again! If you are reading this and no one has invited you – consider this your invitation. I’d love for you to spend Easter with my family!

Adjust your schedule  – the best worship experience for you to attend is the one your guests can attend – make their experience YOUR priority. If you need to attend more than one in order to accommodate – do it. It will be worth it for you and for your guests. Remember we have 8 options to choose from so if you have some friends that come on Friday and others that can come on Sunday – that will work for you!

It’s going to be a life-changing weekend. Can’t wait to see you and those you bring with you.