Are Relationships Even Worth It?

We are in the middle of a Relationship Series at Freedom Church and here is what I have realized:
We need to do a 52 week series on relationships: Then, do it again! This past Sunday Devin and I did a message entitled ‘Stack the Deck’ about how we can WIN in our relationships! (You can watch the entire message HERE but below are the main points for you to enjoy!)

1.  What Attracts Initially will Attack Eventually!

Isn’t that so true?  – You were attracted to their passion at the start but now it drives you crazy! ;Their passion for Mexican Food is good but their passion during disagreements drives you nuts! Realize that what attracts you initially isn’t going to go away during stressful situations. Devin and I have had to learn to embrace the nuances of each others personality over the years. When something drives you crazy – ask yourself – is this the thing that actually attracted me to him/her? Perspective shifts your thinking!

2.  Choose your Battles
Don’t win the argument and lose the relationship! I see this happen online all the time. Social networking is the worst!
Far too many people have sacrificed their platform because they try to make a point instead of making a difference. Choose your battles wisely! Not every hill is one worth dying on!

3.   Speak to their Potential – not their  Problems

Proverbs 18:21 – The tongue can bring death or life those who love to talk will reap the consequences.

Are your words bringing life or death into your relationships? Think about this one for a moment: Not just your relationship with others but also your relationship with yourself! I’ve talked myself out of making important decisions over the years because the words in my head spoke death instead of life! You have what it takes to do everything God has called you to do! Don’t let your words sabotage your potential!

4.  Focus on the future not the past
Conflict is NOT the time for a history lesson! Relationships can’t win when bones from the past are dug up and used as weapons.

Are relationships easy? NO!!! Are they worth it? YES!!!  The process will be painful but without the process their is no payoff!

This series has been so much fun AND we still have 3 more weeks! Join us at a Freedom Church location this Sunday!