3 Things Your Kids MUST Know!

Parenting is hard! It never quite seems like we have this parenting thing under control.

We live in a filtered world where we tend to compare our behind the scenes to everyone else’s highlight reel. That’s a recipe for frustration! You will make mistakes. You are going to lose your temper from time to time. You aren’t always going to know the best decision to make. Rather than punishing ourselves every time we get it wrong let’s choose to concentrate on a few things we want to get right. At the end of the day, if our kids know the following three things – I think we (and they) will be on track…

  1. You are Loved, Accepted, Forgiven, and Worthy!
    We want our kids to know this to be true! Not only from us but from God! God doesn’t love us, accept us, forgive us, or give us worth because of anything that we deserve, earn, or bring to the table. He does it because we are His! I want to extend that same grace to my kids! We are parenting well when they (and we) get to live FROM love, acceptance, forgiveness, and worth and not FOR it. That shift makes all the difference
  2. We’ve Got Your Back!
    We will always be there for our kids. No. Matter. What. This does NOT mean we are going to rescue them from the consequences of their actions or refuse to discipline for stupid decisions. Actually the opposite is true. We believe discipline is something you do FOR your child not TO your child because it is correction fueled by love. That being said – we will be their biggest cheerleaders. In good times and in bad.
  3. You’ve Got What It Takes
    The same spirit that raised Jesus from the dead is alive inside of each of our kids. That’s a privilege given to every follower of Jesus. As a result, God will equip you to do everything He calls you to do. You don’t have to feel insecure or inferior. The power inside you is greater than obstacles before you!


This is true for the kid and it’s true for you as the parent! If you are a follower of Jesus – YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES! It won’t always feel that way but it’s true nonetheless!