10 Simple Invite Ideas

It’s almost time for #ChristmasAtFreedom and we are celebrating in style at Freedom Church! We have 9 opportunities for you and your family to attend (Acworth: Wed & Thurs at 7PM, Fri at 6 & 8, Sat. at 3, 5, 7) and Kennesaw (Sat. 3PM and 5PM).

There is no better time to invite. Many who have turned down your invitation in the past will say yes for Christmas Eve! As a result, let me give you a few ultra simple ideas to spread the word! Some of these will work perfectly for extroverts. Others will work great for introverts. Either way – we have you covered.

  1. Hand an invite card to random people you meet and say “I’d love for you to come with me to church for one of our Christmas Eve Experiences”.
  2. Buy the persons food behind you in the drive thru line & tell the cashier to give them an Invite Card.
  3. PERSONALLY invite the few hundred friends on Social Media that live in the area. (I am not talking about a “Consider yourself invited” post on Facebook. Post a pic on your social networking platform of choice and ‘Tag’ those you want to invite!
  4. Invite those you work for or those who work for you and pick up their dinner afterwards.
  5. Make or purchase some Christmas Cookies, etc for your neighbors and ask them to come with you this weekend. If you are shy – let your kids make the delivery!
  6. Scroll through your contact list and send a text message invite – even if they have said no in the past!
  7. Leave an invite card with your restaurant server (with a GREAT tip)
  8. Who is that one person you haven’t invited yet but keeps popping into your head.  Pray AND invite!
  9. Invite the players and coaches from your kids sports team!
  10. Keep a few invite cards with you at all times – place them in highly visible areas like an invite ninja.

Ordinary invitations produce extraordinary results.  Many are just one invitation away from experiencing the life that can only be found in Jesus Christ. Your life was changed because someone invited you.  God can use you to do the same for others. Let’s Do This!