An Open Letter to Pastor Perry Noble


Pastor P! I want to take a second to publicly thank you for the investment you and NewSpring Church have made in my life over the past 8-9 years! Even though I’ve tried to tell you – I don’t think you’ll ever understand how grateful I really am!

  1. Thank you for meeting with me before we ever started Freedom Church. You are a dream enhancer! You breathed courage into my life that has stuck with me until this day!
  2. Thank you and NewSpring for sending an unsolicited check for $10,000 to help Freedom Church get off the ground! At the time, 10K felt like 100K. It was a game-changer and gave me confidence that God would always provide!
  3. Thank you for your Coaching Network. I’ve been a part of almost every event you’ve ever put on but that first coaching network changed my life. The material was fantastic but the friendships I developed in that group will last a lifetime!
  4. Thank you for always taking calls, returning texts, and being willing to meet. It didn’t matter if I drove to Anderson or if we were meeting after running into each other at a gym in Panama City Beach. I always walked away from our time together better. No exceptions.
  5. Thank you for talking me into going to Israel! I almost didn’t go on that trip but you talked me into it and I am so grateful that you did. That trip made me better and it made Freedom Church better! Since then, I’ve been back three times and am planning another in January!
  6. Thank you for allowing your team at NewSpring to invest in ours at Freedom. The wisdom your team has poured into us has been beyond helpful. Thank you, thank you, thank you! You already know this but the staff team you assembled is exceptional. NewSpring Church is in great hands.

I could go on an on but know this…I love you, your family, and NewSpring Church. I commit to praying for you, Lucretia, and Charisse consistently! I stand with you and will be cheering you on as you get the help you need to overcome the challenges you are currently facing. I pray that you would allow the same gospel to work in your life – just as you have seen it work in the lives of countless people that call NewSpring home. What Satan meant for evil – God will use for good! I am praying the best days are ahead for both you and NewSpring Church and that God will use this situation to bring Him glory and draw even more people to Himself. I believe in you Pastor!

The best is yet to come!

J.R. Lee