5 Reasons Sunday is the Perfect Day to Attend Freedom Church!

New Times

After the events of the past week – I couldn’t be more ready for Sunday at Freedom Church! Here are 5 reasons this is the perfect Sunday to attend!

  1. Brand New Times at Both Campuses! Do you work in the morning? You can attend/serve in the evening! Do you have things going on during the evening – attend/serve in the morning! We have a time that will fit your schedule!
  2. Brand New Series! Even though I’ve been preparing these messages for weeks – they are perfect for where we find ourselves as a country right now. The messages I will be be preaching have GREATLY challenged me and I know they will do the same for you! God has put us exactly where He wants us. We can take advantage of that opportunity or let it slip by. As for me, I refuse to let it slip!
  3. It’s never been easier to get connected! I don’t just want you to attend church. I want you to be connected to one! At Freedom, you don’t just get a church – you get a family!
  4. Huge announcement at our Kennesaw Campus! We are making a huge announcement at our Kennesaw Campus this weekend (we will fill in the Acworth crew as well). I can’t wait to finally go public with this one!
  5. Prayer Celebration of Unity and Solidarity! I’ll be sharing details about a special prayer celebration we will be having. I am going to share those details exclusively at all of our Worship Experiences.

I can’t wait to kick off this series and have you join us this weekend! Grab a friend or family member and we will see you at a campus near you!

Good Neighbor