Goals & Other Updates

Together, our team has been praying through goals and initiatives that have been set for 2013. Here are a few of those things along with a few other updates…

  • The final week of #ILoveMyChurch will be on March 3rd. That evening at 6PM we are celebrating with our current volunteers AND the volunteers that will be registering during this series with a Night Of Worship that you will not soon forget. It’s going to be the best N.O.W we have ever done. 
  • March 10th we will be kicking off a brand new series simply entitled “Gospel”. We believe that this is going to be such a powerful series that we are going to add a 6PM Worship Experience each of the weeks during this series (March 10th, 17th, 24th, 31st) in order to create an additional opportunity for you to invite your friends/family.
  • On Friday, March 22nd we are hosting the Acworth Egg Hunt. This is a great opportunity for you to invite others to take part in one of the most unique Egg Hunts in the country with several thousand of your closest friends.
  • Yes. Once again, the Easter Bunny will be jumping out of an airplane and parachuting onto the field to kick off the event.
  • Easter Weekend is March 30th/31st. We are celebrating with 4 Worship Experience options: Saturday night the 30th at 6PM and Sunday at 9:45, 11:30, and 6PM. Begin inviting now and do whatever it takes to “Carry the Mat”.
  • We are praying for 2013 people to be in attendance on Easter weekend 2013. #2013in2013
  • In addition, if you have accepted Christ and not been baptized since that time – what better day to change that than on Easter!!! Register here today to reserve your spot! We are praying that God would enable us to baptize 150+ that weekend alone.
  • I could give you more information but that is enough for now. Be praying and let’s be expecting the greatest ministry season that our church has ever seen. The best is yet to come.